Cody Canada and the Departed, Jonny Burke opening  (Ticket sales and reservations start 1/9)
Cody Canada and the Departed     “The two things that drive me are love and hate” - Cody Canada, March 2014 The latest, tight incarnation of the Cody Canada-led group The Departed isn’t a[...]
Back in Black **AC/DC Tribute**, Killdevil opening (Ticket sales and reservations start 1/9)
Back in Black The Black in Black tribute band is an incredible, exciting, high energy reproduction of a concert performance of AC/DC . All the members of Back in Black live in Dallas/Fort Worth area[...]
February 1, 2015 @ 12:00 pm
 14th Annual Super Bowl Blowout!
The pub will be hosting our 14th annual Super Bowl blowout! We will have a copious amount of food, and if you would like to contribute bring any dish you would like. We just purchased[...]
James Cook and the Audacity **NO COVER**
James Cook and the Audacity James Cook has been a singer/songwriter in Wichita Falls for over 15 years. Being in and out of bands of many styles, has helped the artist create a wide variety[...]
Sunny Ledfurd, Blaine Gillespie opening
Sunny Ledfurd If there has ever been a way to describe Sunny Ledfurd, it has got to be his ability to defy categorization. Born in Chattanooga TN and growing up in Gaston County NC, he[...]
Erick Willis, Prophets and Outlaws opening
Erick Willis In a time when many artists are striving to find their identity, Erick Willis is slowly leaving his mark on the scene, with a personality that is true and not just a stage[...]
Valentines Rock Concert with X Band and Diotica opening (NO COVER CHARGE FOR LADIES)
 X Band 80′s metal show on steroids!             Diotica Diotica is a melting pot of all the greatest ideas ever conceived in rock n roll mixed with the greatest musicianship[...]
February 20, 2015 @ 9:00 pm
Von Stomper, No Dry County opening
Von Stomper High energy Roots Revival out of Colorado. “With vintage sound and modern swagger, Von Stomper excellently couples old-time folk Americana with some rock attitude and almost vaudevillian flare. The self-titled debut album shows[...]
February 21, 2015 @ 9:00 pm
Brick Floyd **Pink Floyd Tribute**
Brick Floyd An immersive Pink Floyd tribute experience show, an authentic performance of all of the epic Pink Floyd songs and all time favorites from both studio and live versions. Formed by family members, a[...]
February 27, 2015 @ 9:00 pm
ROXY ROCA “I’m on a mission from God,” Taye Cannon deadpanned before breaking into laughter. “Well, maybe not exactly, but it kinda felt that way at first, and it still does sometimes.” Ok, so the[...]